Henri Plows Rick BTS

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Megahung dark-skinned Brazilian stud Henri Mase is topping Rick Paixao today on camera and we get to take a peek behind the scenes. As Henri drills his tool deep into Rick, Dominic is there to man the camera and give helpful direction. Henri wraps his long lean arms around muscleboy Rick and humps away. During a break in the filming, Dominic gives notes to Rick, then Henri comes back and slaps his massive cock across Paixao's muscular butt before he slides it in balls deep. When Rick moans with pleasure and instinctively grabs his cock to stroke, it sure looks like it's not just acting for the camera.

Cut! And it's time to reposition the models--Henri grabs Rick around the neck and pulls him close into a kiss. Dominic shows Henri the position lying on his back to pump his cock straight up into Rick's eager hole. Rick gladly grinds his ass onto the gigantic ebony dick, beating himself off all the while. When he lies back his head is getting caught in the curtains and Dominc moves them further down the bed. Once Rick dangles his head back off the end of the bed and spreads his legs, this hot Latin bareback coupling is teetering at the edge. Groaning and grimacing, Henri sprays a mighty splash onto Rick's tight abs and gives him a kiss.


Henri is incredible! My favorite model on this site!