Behind the Scenes at Sao Paulo Eagle

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And you thought orgies were this spontaneous thing where a bunch of sex-driven guys were just following their urges and having some bareback fun while the cameras roll? Well, sometimes it works out that way but when we're shooting hot muscular Brazilians in the world-famous Sao Paulo Eagle, I have to give everybody some direction and "choreography". Alex, Kaliu, Henri and Lucas are definitely hot fuckers who know their way around dicks and holes, but getting it camera-perfect takes a little planning.

Behind the scenes of our orgy you get to see four HORNY guys fucking while the cameras roll, and even when I'm walking around getting them into position or setting up the next shot they're not missing out on getting their jollies. Alex and Kaliu are down on their knees getting plowed and sucking off while Lucas and Henri are the lucky studs getting their meat serviced in spicy Latin style. I manage to jump up on the banquette to give them a pointer or two on lifting their legs at just the right angle so the camera looks straight up into their cracks, or how to cheat the angle when their mouths are getting stuffed full of brown uncut dick so that the viewers don't miss a juicy dick-raising moment. When these masculine studs get their cocks in gear, language is fortunately no obstacle at all!