Scott and Pheonix Trade Fucks

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It's a dizzying combo of black on white on black as Italian Stallion Scott DeMarco takes on ebony stud Pheonix Fellington. Right out of the gate they are making out and rubbing their white-undie'd crotches together, hands reaching down to massage each others' firm round butts. Both are scruffy and unshaven, ready for action.

Scott drops to his knees to nuzzle the bristly hairs on Pheonix' tight six-pack abs, and Pheonix yanks down his briefs to let his massive XXL ass-splitter flop free. Scott works the top 6 inches while Pheonix beats the rest of that big pole. Dick in his mouth, DeMarco peels off his briefs and then stands as the two horny beasts stroke each other.

Pheonix pokes his tongue into the tight little navel and works down to Scott's long thick cock. He runs one hand from the base to the mushroom head of his own dick as he savors the flavor of DeMarco's big sausage. Climbing onto all fours on the couch, Scott presents his hairy ass for Pheonix to have a lick. After sucking the hole and getting his buddy juicy with spit, Pheonix wastes no time drilling his raw, giant prod in. Scott straddles Pheonix' waist and grinds down into the big ten-incher. "Fuck, that's so tight!" Pheonix cries out, but in fairness almost any hole would clench pretty tight around the thick girth of what he's packing. "So fuckin BIG," is all Scott can get out in response.

While Scott can still walk and stand, Pheonix wants a hard fuck of his own, and squats as DeMarco drives in deep. Holding both hips, Scott plows him like a guided missile as Pheonix gasps for breath. The action speeds up as Scott pumps harder and Phoenix backs into every thrust. They turn and Pheonix spreads his legs high and wide open as his buddy rams in. Fellington is first to squirt out a creamy splash, then Scott only needs a few more strokes to milk out his big spurt of sticky manjuice onto Pheonix' perfect ripped abs.