Brandon Gets Wilde with Addison

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Legs entwined and bodies wrapped in each other, Brandon Wilde and Addison Graham writhe on the bed, with Wilde repeating "Baby, you're so sexy." No disagreement here! Brandon grinds into Addison's tightly packed crotch as they probe their tongues into each others' mouths. Cotton briefs are no match for hard organs straining against soft fabric, and these guys are eager to get naked and down to serious business.

Master cocksucker Brandon gets his mouth around Addison's prick and swallows to the smooth tight nuts as Addison rubs a caressing hand along the contours of his muscular body. Reaching the round firm ass, Addison rubs a finger or two into the crack then drills one into the hungry hole. Brandon pumps his pelvis and grinds his cock into the sheets as he feels the hot sensation of his ass getting reamed. But he never slows down his relentless cocksucking for a second.

While Brandon straddles Addison to get a better sucking angle, Addison buries his face in his buddy's sweet gyrating ass. Holding on with both hands, Addison presses his tongue in deep then traces little circles around the horny pucker. Now they're both heated up near the boiling point, Addison switches to licking Brandon's cock and slurping down his nuts.

It's time to fuck, and Brandon slides his raw cock in, lubes it with a gob of spit to make the ride smoother. Addison backs onto Wilde's ever-ready stiffy and beats his cock with one hand. Grabbing both hips for support, Brandon slams in fast and hard, his crotch slapping against the firm muscle of Addison's butt. "Gonna make me cum, now?" he offers and turns onto his back for Addison to plow on in.

Addison holds Brandon's ankles wide and pummels into his insatiable ass. Gasping for breath, both studs race toward an explosive cum spurt. "Awww, fuck me," Brandon cries as he reaches for his cock and starts milking. With a few rough deep pumps Addison fucks the sperm out of Brandon who sprays all over his chest and abs. A moaning Addison adds to the puddle with his own thick creamy splatter.