Double Hot Flippin' Beasts

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Brett Hawk and buddy Dakota Wolfe are both tall, square-jawed, lean-muscled brunettes, with pale skin and chiseled features. If these two studs weren't ripping each other's clothes off to suck and slam their cocks into each other you'd take them for brothers. Only Brett's full sleeve of tattoos sets him apart. Dakota gets on his knees the minute their pants come down, sucking off Brett's long thick pole. Brett yanks down Dakota's jeans and grabs his balls as he slurps his dick down on the couch.

Dakota sits with legs spread wide and gives a helping hand as he pushes Brett down to swallow more of his hot stiff meat. Brett keeps his hand pressed into the stiff taint behind Dakota's nuts, then gulps his way down to the root. He climbs up Dakota's body to plant a deep wet kiss. Down on hands and knees, Brett's ass is up and ready for a licking. Dakota wraps his lips around the pucker and sucks hard to a volley of moans and "fuck"s from his sexy alter ego.

Brett keeps his hand on his cock, milking it as his hairy ass crack gets sucked and rimmed. Dakota's finger slides across the hungry pucker, tells him that Brett's ready and EAGER. With no resistance, Dakota pops his dickhead in and slides smoothly to the hilt. His fuzzy pubes tickle against Brett's firm round butt as he backs onto the invading prod.

Brett's face and chest flush rosy pink as he lies back with his legs up and spread. Dakota slams in with an irresistible force, throws his head back with abandon. Brett reaches a hand to his lean chest and rubs his nips. Dakota pulls out right at the edge, pumps out a splattering load across Brett's butt and thighs. Brett wants to feel the hot insides of his fuck buddy and plows into Dakota. His ass milks Brett's raw dick as his nuts brew up a sticky batch. Moaning Brett grabs Dakota's hips then pulls out and jacks his spurting dick over his buddy's cheeks. They turn and kiss to celebrate their juicy flip.