Maygers' Major Hookup

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Two sexy tatted studs and a black leather couch. You really don't need anything more than that for a hot bareback fuck, as we see when Sean Maygers gets his cock down the hungry gullet of young pup Vincent O'Reilly. Vincent takes it in hand to slap around his own face, gets it stiff and wet and ready to plow into a tight bare hole. Maygers bends down for a kiss before he pushes O'Reilly to the couch to eat him out.

When Sean buries his face into that insatiable ass, Vincent grabs around to pull his head in closer. Moaning as the tongue drills into his hot butt, Vincent flexes his hips and gets ready for a pummeling. Sean rubs his cock up and down Vincent's crack then finds the spot to ease on in.

Maygers slides smoothly into Vincent's hole and has him seeing stars. He turns his head back to watch manly Sean take over control of his ass. As he feels Sean's pubes brush against his hole he groans with deep satisfaction, backs up to meet every thrust. Sean taps him on the butt cheek and switches to a seat on the couch. Vincent finally gets the chance to pig out on that hot raw cock, bouncing and grinding as Sean drills in to the hilt.

Bracing with both hands on Maygers' thighs, Vincent has to reach for his cock and beat out the last few strokes. Sean kisses him as Vincent wags his ass into the hard invading cock. He's twerking against Sean as they get close to spraying their loads. Vincent rolls onto his back so Maygers can breed him deep when that moment cums. But he shoots first, sperm spurting all over his tatted abs. Sean pulls out just in time to add his hot wad to the splatters. Maygers moves in and kisses Vincent and their bellies rub together in a sweet sticky mess.