Roll Hard: First Crack

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Hard skater Mateo is late to meet the gang's leader, Dominic after getting chased through the alleys by the rival gang, the Zoots. After Dominic defends his buddy saying "If they kick your ass, they'll have to lick MY ass," Mateo lays claim to the first crack at Dominic's crack. In the dark graffitied alley Mateo eases his long brown dick into Dominic's throat, and they're off to the races.

Mateo slurps down Daddy Dominic's hard joint and licks all the way to the heavy nuts, gold chains clanking as he blows the boss. Dominic braces against the wall as the new gang member dives in and munches his ass. He eases his horned-up cock into Dominic's butt as their skates struggle to grip the dank concrete.

Dominic arches his back with his short cutoffs hanging below his knees. Mateo's huevos slap against his cheeks as they grind their gonads together. Mateo pulls out and spreads his feet wide, inviting the boss to slam into his tight young hole. His abs ripple as Dominic drills deep into his hot booty, and his jaw drops in amazement. He's feeling this fuck all the way to his bones.

It's a rollerboy turf war, and these studs know the Zoots could break up their little love match at any minute. Dominic speeds up and slams his cock inside with a hard spurt of orgasm. He kneels behind to watch the drips of his sticky cum leak out of the hot and sweaty young stud. Mateo shows his feelings for the gang leader when he drenches Dominic with a juicy faceful that drips down to his chest and the dirty cement below. For now, the Farrahs still rule this piece of the skater barrio.


Nothing I luv better than a flip-flop and with two of my favorite models…SO HAUT! I wish all scenes in gay porn land were flip-flops like this.