Enchained: Cellblock Tangle

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Cesar Xes is taking a piss in the filthy steel toilet, and cellmate Angel Duran sneaks over to steal his pack of cigarettes. A fight ensues, and vicious Warden Pacifico is there like a flash. He and Cesar yank down Angel's pants to humiliate him, and Pacifico unzips to make him pay for causing trouble. Using both hands he fucks his big uncut cock into Angel's captive throat while Cesar holds him immobile. Alliances and enemies in prison are very quick to change.

Cesar's dick is out and aching for relief. He plows it into the young inmate's juicy mouth. Pacifico and Cesar toy with him bending him over on the bed and spanking his ass while he sucks helplessly. Once his hairy cheeks are rosy and stinging, his hole is ready for rimming. Handcuffed and blowing Pacifico, Angel's butt is reamed by Cesar's rough tongue. With no lube but for gobs of saliva, Cesar pumps into the tight red hole. Pacifico whacks his dick with one hand as he holds Angel in place, then switches position so he's the one to feel sizzling ass wrapped around his thick meat.

Angel submits fully to his two-man punishment and gladly opens wide at both ends for fucking and sucking off the two out-of-control madmen. Each enjoys the hot, well-used hole and hands it off to the other in a sadistic fuck game. Upping the ante as Angel gobbles Cesar's spit-slicked knob, Dominic pushes into him with a hard metal nightstick. It's a rough spitroast nightmare, but Angel is past the point of complaining and just revels in the abuse of every hole.

As Cesar and Angel slobber on Pacifico's gargantuan cock, Cesar's reaching a blastoff. Dominic wants first cum into Angel's hole and pumps in deep. Angel groans and begs for cock as Pacifico sprays cum onto his belly then pushes his sputtering dick back inside his prisoner's quivering hole.


Fantastic. Surprised there aren't more prison scenes in gay porn. They are really hard to find. Cesar is amazing. But, all 3 of you are fantastic in this scene.

@mikethomas1013 Support link is down in the very left corner of the screen. Look in your settings and turn off data saver.

Sorry... don’t know how to submit a tech question. For the first time, I am getting the following error message on my iPad... Please turn off data saver for the video to play I am on Wifi not cellular

Loved it all, especially the spanking!

Uniquely arousing.. How I enjoy the sexy man, Dominic! You can be tough or tender, as the situation necessitates. I cannot get enough of your video best. How I wish I had a mere small portion of your good looks, physical stature, and sexiness. I, then, would be in no earthly want. Would you say that is true?