Repent: Sins of Sodom

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Now that Brother Casey has been fully immersed in the dark sexual arts, he seduces Brother Diego into the world of sin. Rising from their prayers to the altar, they shed their robes and share their carnal pursuit.

Casey swallows Diego's cock before he can even get his cassock fully off. The huge member is awake and alive after a lifetime of being held down and denied, and it fills Casey's throat. Naked and unashamed, Diego pumps his cock into Casey's hungry mouth and moans with pleasure. As Casey turns, Diego tastes the salty musk of a man's ass for this first time, and can't get enough. Casey wags his butt in Diego's face and Diego takes this as all the encouragement he needs to complete the act of sodomy. He slides his huge raw cock in and fills his priestly brother with red-hot sin.

Casey groans and sighs in sexual ecstasy as his brother monk plows in and brings his insides to throbbing life. He wants dick and wants to feel it as deep as humanly possible. Casey rides Diego as they sit on the Father's ornate carved chair, both bracing to withstand the rough collision of each others' bodies. Casey cums with Diego inside him, spurting across his brother's firm thighs. Diego can't hold back and baptizes Casey with a hot splash of his seed, then Casey licks and swallows his cock to taste their brotherly sin.


I love watching Casey take a hard pounding & then eat cum