Repent: Love Of Brothers

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Two young monks, Brother Domenico (Brodie Ramirez) and Brother Diego (Joseph Banks) realize the dark power gripping the monastery and its inhabitants. They've decided that merging their flesh is the only way to resist the evils of temptation. They duck into the cathedral, dip their fingers into the holy water and immediately start making out. Diego licks the firm abs and sensitive nipples of his holy brother, and when Domenico returns the favor both monks drop their cassocks. Standing naked as God made them, Domenico drops to his knees and sucks Diego's long raging cock.

Diego holds his holy brother's head and pulls it down onto his prick. He kneels before the wooden pew and takes Domenico into his hungry mouth, tasting cock for the first time. Worshipping every inch of his monk brother, he dives face first into Domenico's ass and licks along the salty crack. Domenico urges him on and begs for more. Diego rises to his feet and consummates the merging of their flesh, sliding his raw, massive meat into Domenico's hole. The brothers go at it with a fervor like religious frenzy. "That cock is a blessing, brother!" exclaims Domenico as Diego grips his rosary. Domenico rides the throbbing dick as Diego strokes him off. They moan with a rising sexual heat as their bodies clash and careen toward their first orgasm. Diego pulls out just in time and his brother shoots a massive load, then he baptizes Domenico with a shower of creamy sperm. They seal the communion of their flesh with a deep passionate kiss.