Repent: Corruptible Angel

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Brother Casey enters the chapel where Father Xavier (Fx Rios) is already thoughtfully absorbed in his prayer book. Casey kneels at the altar with a flourish, devoutly begins his prayers. Xavier steps up and remarks how Casey's angelic look seems beyond temptation, wonders if he's subject to human corruption. Casey responds by asking saucily "what kind of corruption are you offering" and Xavier demonstrates by opening the front of his priestly cassock.

Seeing Xavier's big hard cock, Casey does what any red-blooded priest would, gets down and starts sucking. Xavier guides the young novice's head onto the full length of his pole. This angel is not only corruptible but quite talented, and begins beating his meat in perfect rhythm with deep throating. Xavier spreads out his heavy robes in front of the altar like a velvety blanket and lies down for Casey to climb on his cock and ride. The adept young beauty not only takes cock to the hilt but grinds his ass on it like a most experienced sinner. Xavier and Casey are both caught in a wave of hot temptation that takes them to sensual heights never imagined.

Xavier kneels behind Casey, feels his dick swallowed up inside the ravenous young priest. He plows in to the very depths, slamming in with manly force. Casey arches his back to assist the ravaging of his virgin hole. Casey lies back with legs open and stretched to the heavens as Xavier pumps his muscular butt. Both gasp for breath as they pull apart and stroke, hot spurting climaxes uniting their holy bodies in a fleshly communion.


Casey is as sexy as ever.

hot film however the climax is lame. He pulls out instead of cumming in his ass. lame

Of the several REPENT scenes, this is my favorite. Once again because Casey is so adorable. He takes it like a man, as some would say, and enjoys every stroke and thrust. Of course, when he is with Dominic, that is truly the best, but Fx Rios is also quite the "daddy father."

Casey is so wonderful to watch. Gorgeous! Sexy! Sculpted! Beautiful as can be.

Downloads or not, I love this site, being so attracted to Dominic. Meanwhile, how I wish now to have been fucked by a priest or brother--many of whom were quite handsome--when I was in the seminary as a teenager a long time ago! So, this scene is quite meaningful and arousing to me.