Repent: The Meaning Of Sin

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Waking with a hardon in a cloistered monastery as your celibate monk brother walks in can be an inconvenient fact of life. Brother Domenico (Brodie Ramirez) offers his ass up for punishment to his lean, handsome friend Brother Nicolai (Nic Sahara). All men are sinners, but their way to drive out the sin is at the receiving end of a hard spanking or with the swat of a scourge. The sensual violence of driving out sin sends both chaste monks' libido into overdrive, and Nicolai's unrepentant cock cries out for the balm of Domenico's willing mouth.

Still swatting at Domenico's writhing buns, Nicolai begins to ponder driving his sin deeper into the hot recesses of his sexy brother. He licks the virgin hole, now awake to every variety of sweet damnation. But is sodomy the next sin to step gleefully into and embrace? Nicolai's cock leads him into mortal sin and Domenico is eager to follow him into the fiery pits of Hades. Domenico's innocent arousal heats up into aching need as his hole fills with the hard cock and pleasures he's never allowed himself to imagine.

Screaming for Nicolai to fill him with hot creamy seed, Domenico has no questions left to ponder of the nature of sin. Nic worships his beautiful godly body down to the soles of his feet, then pounds deep into his den of iniquity. As the two monks bond over the mixed fluids of their shared violation, the other question left is "Why does temptation have to be so bad when it feels so damn good!?"