Repent: Billiards - Ball in the Pocket

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Friar Xavier (Fx Rios) and Brother Diego (Joseph Banks) are whispering about temptation at their morning prayers when Xavier uses some sexual language while Diego confesses he is a virgin and knows nothing about men and sex. They take their discussion to a game of billiards, where their attraction to each other becomes undeniable, and Xavier makes good on his promise to take the devil "by the horns and fuck him into submission."

The experienced priest shows the virginal monk the ways of men and sex by being the first to plow his giant cock into the young man's tight but willing ass. Judging by the size of Diego's own God-given endowment and the new sensations he awoke within it, he'll be eager to share his newfound carnal knowledge with the other monks.


Great scene FX really knows how to fuck! I would like to see a scene with him and Dominic...that would be awesome, just saying!