Dante Colle's Locker Room Sniff

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What does a horny dude do in an empty guy's locker room? Sniff the musky man scent left behind in every sneaker, towel and (if you're lucky) juicy jockstrap. At least that's hunky Dante's thinking when he enters sweaty, tired, but too horny to NOT experience every olfactory delight. He starts lifting up his soaked-through tank top and inhaling the musk in his hot hairy pits. That gets an immediate rise from his long thick woody.

Dante's in tune with each scent and sensation his senses pick up on. He revels in the touch of cold steel as his bare ass leans against the painted metal lockers, closes his eyes to better feel the thrill in his cock and balls as he insistently strokes just under the head. He opens his eyes long enough to notice the pair of white gym socks hanging over a locker door, rubs them across his crotch and trail to mix the aroma with his own, then holds them over his face, breathes in deep like a popper.

The sensory overload pushes him over the edge, and now he's headed for a big cum eruption. Holding the tank top and sock in his mouth, he strokes soft but smoothly from root to tip, even pulling the skin of his hairy sack. Dante's balls pull up tight, firing off spurt after spurt that covers the floor bench and the assortment of sweaty clothes strewn around the room. The next lucky sniffer will have the scent of Dante's thick cream to fill their nostrils as they beat off.


Very disappointed there was no sneaker sniffing.

That was HOT!!!!