Get Your Gunn

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Danny and Dominic are kissing and grinding their jeans-clad crotches grabbing to pull each other closer. Danny shrugs off his studded motorcycle jacket and moves in to worship Dom's sweaty pits. He presses his scruffy face all the way to Dominic's downy pubes as he stuffs his mouth with thick, tan uncut meat. Falling to their knees, Dominic crouches in front of Danny and fucks his face onto Danny's long straight prick. Ass turned up and on, his hole is an irresistible target for young Danny's hungry mouth and nimble tongue. His raw cock glides in as Dominic backs on and fills himself with raging young dick. Danny pounds in fierce and rough, Dominic barely able to catch his breath. But now it's time to turn the tables and give Danny back some of his own sweet medicine.

Dominic kneels at Danny's hairless hole and dives in bareback with a slap against his cheeks. He licks up from the tip of Danny's stiff prick along his nutsack to the steamy hot hole. Dom pumps his cock in, hard, deep and intense. Danny gasps and spreads his knees apart for more. He props up a booted foot to open his hole, take as much as Dominic can pound in. Dominic's curved cock slides up and in and bangs against the young stud's magic button till he's spraying cum all over his beating hand.


Love me a smooth pink hole getting a good tonguing. Mmmmm.

I could not get into Danny though always into Dominic. Thus, this is not a favorite scene. That's OK, I am not going anywhere :)