Uncut Top For An Uncut Bottom

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As they sit on the sectional, Dominic notice's Jake's cock is already rock hard and jutting straight out under his shorts. He sets the big beast free and gets it into his mouth for a smooth juicy blowjob. Jake is scruffy, muscular and tatted up, a sexy little outlaw. When he bends down to suck on Dominic, Dom runs a hand down into Jake's hairy crack.

Jake assumes the position and Dominic lubes up and eases into the hot hairy hole. Jake strokes his piece while his insides get pummeled full of redhot Dominic. Still in their jocks, Dominic writhes and pumps into Jake from behind. Jake groans in astonishment and reaches around to stroke Dominic's neck. Dominic means business though, and drills straight into the young guy's cockstarved ass.

Dominic buckles Jake into a wide white belt with two handlebars, called a Monkeybar. He holds onto the handlebars and drives in harder. He rolls Jake over and opens his ass wide, spits on a gob of spit and pumps back in. Jake is on the edge, panting with his eyes closed. His mouth drops open as he jerks furiously. Dominic fucks the load out of him, pulls out and starts stroking over the little stud's chest. Jake gets a second load plastered across his hairy young belly.


Not my kind of scene, but I thoroughly enjoy your sexuality and physicality Dominic.