Ginger Bred

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Redhaired Bennett Anthony is clad in full leather and worshipping muscle stud Seth Santoro in the metal clad dungeon. Santoro reaches down to beat off both of their cocks, then dives down to get a mouthful of thick pink cock. He sucks Bennett all the way down to his tuft of ginger pubes. Avoiding getting off too quick, Bennett switches and plays the hungry cocksucker to Seth's massive tan pole. Santoro turns his ass to Bennett who dives in to taste the hairy musky hole. He pulls back to spit on Seth's throbbing butthole and keep it wet.

Lowering Seth to a wooden bench, Bennett drives his cock deep into the wet quivering hole. In to the hilt, he feels his tangle of red pubes against the soft black curls around Seth's ass. Plowing straight and hard, he leaves Santoro gasping for breath and grabbing to stroke his own cock. Jerking then pushing his load deep inside, Bennett licks and sucks out the jizz that drips from Seth's hard-fucked ass.