Repent: Father Fister

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Ashley Ryder is a young priest kneeling in repentance and prayer, then he sheds his clothes and reaches naked for the altar. He whips himself with a leather scourge in a religious and erotic ecstasy, begging for forgiveness. Crouched nude, he fills his ass with a massive dildo, possessed by a holy fervor. Plowing his guts full of the giant phallus, he then lubes and squats onto a bigger, hydrant-sized dildo, moaning with need and pleasure.

Longing for the feel of human flesh inside him, he works four fingers then his fist into his open, gaping hole. His hand reaches deep inside as he grabs the altar to steady himself. Working his cock into a frenzy he grabs a heavy iron cross and holds it before him as he blasts a huge sticky load onto the holy relic.