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Tatted Ryan Takes Me On

Something SO hot about an edgy tatted stud, especially one like Ryan Powers who needs to stick his big cock in a hungry hole like mine. Pierced, bearded, and with a nice bit of body fur that gets thicker around the crotch, he got me down on my knees in no time flat. I opened wide as he slammed his dick into my juicy mouth. Tasted so good I had to tell him so. For a top he's a major cocksucker too, and gave my nuts the oral attention they need. I knew this would be a bareback fuck to remember! I climbed on the bench on hands and knees to offer up my tan muscle ass.

Ryan's short blond mustache and scrubby beard felt great tickling my butt crack, his tongue went deep into my ass. Both hands parted my cheeks as he sucked harder and got me wet and ready. He stood up and slid his raw and rockhard prick in, grabbing my arm and slapping my butt between thrusts. "That's it, keep slamming it in!" I yelled as he started pulling out all the way then pumping in till his balls hit my butt with a smack. We grunted out hot filthy talk to each other and raced to a big juicy climax. I got on my knees to beg for his load just as he sprayed down my chest with man seed. I licked every drop off Ryan's thick meat as it spurted its last.

Dominic Pacifico

Hair Color: Brown
Build: Muscular
Body Hair: Trimmed Natural

Sex god, stud, Renaissance man and superstar, smoldering Dominic Pacifico is the center of attention and undeniable star in any setting, especially in the website bearing his name. Built and packing a mighty 8" of powerful...


Ryan Powers

Hair Color: Sandy Brown
Complexion: Light with lots of tattoos
Build: Lean regular guy
Body Hair: Plenty of curly brown hair

Young, hung and full of cum, Ryan's a high sex-drive otter who's always looking for a hot wet hole to ram his bare cock into. "No condoms please, I'm saving...