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Zeta Gets Plowed

We've seen handsome, shy Zeta before, the smoking hot Latino with the prefect bod, big juicy cock and round, firm, insatiable ass that is embarrassed to take off the black ski mask that half covers what looks to be a great-looking face. Last time around, he was busy working his hot little muscle booty with toys and fingers to get off. Now he has found a versatile top in Urbano who lets him play with HIS butt, then get on all fours primed and ready to take all the dick that Urbano can dish out.

Urbano dives in to lick and suck that twitching, tempting butthole till it's ready and begging to get rammed full. His big uncut cock fits like a glove, and Zeta bounces his booty back into every hard thrust. Zeta is a natural limber athlete who can lift and spread those thick-muscled legs like an Olympian, the perfect ass for a long, deep, rockhard screw. Urbano plows him up, down and all around, to a steady chorus of satisfied moans from his power bottom buddy. He finally has to blast his load, splattering Zeta with a sheen of musky male juice. He goes back in and keeps fucking till Zeta's got all the dick he wants (for now), shooting his own wad across his lean, ripped abs.

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NILTON DA SILVA on 05 Mar 2023
Hottest scene ever with this hot all latino male cast. Horse hung Urbano and tatted Zeta with his mask, are my favorite men. I was breathless when they getting undressed and I saw their smooth chest, sensitive and perky nipples and their huge uncut banana dicks which are so massive and huge. Watching that hot cocksucking on tatted Urbano's his huge uncut cock was really hot to see. I love to watch this hot bareback video where the fucking action is so hot where Urbano fucks bottom Zeta, very hard with his huge banana dick. Thanks editor Rawhole for bringing us this hot video ! Bring this hot male cast back soon.