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Zeta Crams His Hole

Shy Zeta is built like a brick house, and is a handsome devil from what we can see. But he's shy of the camera and wears a ninja type mask that covers most of his face except for his big glowing brown eyes. Today he's all about fulfilling HIS personal needs, and what Zeta needs most is a big spurting cock up his starving hole. In the absence of a suitable partner, he's more than willing to substitute a shooting dildo that will fill his hungry butt and let some sticky cream leak out from it while he milks out a load of his own.

He doesn't start small. After fingering his twitching asshole a bit, he brandishes a big fleshy uncut dong and slides it in to much vocal fanfare. He likes to moan and howl when the mood strikes him, and when his magic p-spot is getting rammed and crammed, that mood tells him to make all the noise he can muster. His rock hard, chiseled abs flex like steel as Zeta lifts up his long, muscular legs and prods that dildo in balls deep. Once he's had his fun stuffing his butt on the bed, he stands, bends over and pushes it in as far as he can. He fucks himself like it's part of his fuckhole's daily diet, grinding his booty back into the invading toy. The creamy lube he's using oozes out like cum, and the sight and feel of the warm sticky liquid running out of him as the dildo squeezes in gets him more turned on. Zeta stands the huge phallus on the floor and slides his ass down on it with gusto. He's getting close. He lies back again and rams it in to the hilt, stroking his cock with the speed turned up to max. His load cums geysering out onto his muscular abs. Smearing it across his firm young muscles, he reaches his spermy hands down and covers his ass with a glistening layer of hot cum straight from the source. As the camera zooms out, his throbbing hole twitches in ecstasy.


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