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Wet, Wild and Dripping

Brazilian bareback fuckboys Renan Dotadao and Lucas Mancinni are getting frisky in the hot tub, and man, the water's churning to a sexy tsunami! Lucas is shoulder deep in the tub with his mouth wrapped around Renan's big knob, getting his throat rammed full of hot dripping Latin cock. With one hand wrapped around Lucas' head, Renan is feeding his stiff tool to the young Brazilian stud. Whenever that dick pulls out for a second, Lucas' tongue hangs down to plead for more. Renan slaps his woody across his palm to feel just how rock-hard he is, and how much he needs to drain his nuts into Lucas' cock-starved mouth.

Lucas has hit his stride and his throat can take as much dick as horndog Renan can stuff down. His mustached lips wrap around all the way to his bud's smooth shaved nuts. Renan folds his lean-muscled arms behind his head and lets the hungry cocksucker do the work, but it's getting time to nutt! One kiss and a gob of spit hurled down Lucas' throat and Renan is ready to spray his sperm. Molten cum splatters all over the tatted top and they're ready for round two, a juicy bareback fuck to come in the next part of this scorching hookup!

Comments (2)

kissingishot on 25 Oct 2021
More kissing like this! More passion!!
Sexymixedboy69 on 25 Oct 2021
¡Que machos bellos! Me encantan brasileños!, ¡Uff!