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Wet Fuck in a Hot Tub

In the mood for some wet raw fun between gorgeous uncut Brazilian studs plowing hole by a big spa tub? Well you're in luck. Musclemen Yury Santana and Kaliu start kissing and making out, then horndog Yury strips off his shorts and pushes Kaliu to his knees for a quick bathroom blowjob. He slaps his huge bronze tool across Kaliu's open mouth, grabs his skull to fuck on in.

Kaliu bends over the wooden tub frame, ass up and hard dick straining against the edge. Yury slobbers and licks the hungry hole, slides smoothly in and starts pumping. The hot little bottom spreads almost to a split to open wide for the stiff throbbing cock. Yury spits a thick juicy string to coat his piece and Kaliu's hot pucker. This scorching gay Latin bareback fuck climaxes as Kaliu grinds his hole down onto Yury's stubbly crotch then gets his ass reamed in the spa tub. Shooting a big wad into Kaliu's hungry mouth, Yury licks his lips in appreciation.

Comments (4)

martyP2020 on 01 May 2020
Great video, both Brazilian dudes are fucking hot as hell, I love that tattoed bodie of Joao Miguel and the cocksucking of Kaliu is amazing too, wondering if he could take that huge manpole of Joao Miguel, so huge !! A pity was the lighting during the recording of this scene, please adjust it the next time for a better vieuw. Bring back Joao and Kaliu soon back .
Miculo64 on 04 Mar 2020
Good scene ...needed more lighting,guys were hot
twist07 on 19 Feb 2020
So bloody hot, I came as soon as they started fucking
rchdmv39 on 25 Jan 2020
Stop with close cum shots already! Damn do you guys know how to do anything else? Some of us would like to see more of the top while he's cumming than just a close up of his dick. You guys act like it has to be done the same way for every single scene!