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Vlad the Anal Impaler

Latino bareback hunk Vlad is deceptively sweet, with a handsome face, big cock and tight muscular build. But like his Transylvanian namesake, he's MOST fond of driving his big hard stick up any juicy orifice that's nearby. Fortunately for young uncut twink Ak, that's just the kind of treatment his cockstarved mouth and twitching anus are aching for. He goes right for Vlad's stiff upturned cock, slurping it down with Vlad's helping hand putting a bit of extra pressure to help him swallow that meat monster whole.

Vlad lets Ak get his oral jollies, then stands up, pulls his tight tank back behind his broad shoulders and slides his dick in to the hilt. Forcefully ramming in raw and rough, he gives Ak just what he's hungry for. The uncut twink backs into every thrust, grinding his butthole into Vlad's anal impaling. Vlad pulls out and slips his fingers in, working Ak's prostate up to a fuckstarved frenzy. He goes in faster, slamming Aks' hips and grabbing him around the chest for a final race to the big splash. Unable to hold back a second longer, he pulls his tool out and watches it geyser out a sticky wad of musky male sperm.