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Victor Rams Into Ariel

Who knew the hot rawfuckers of Colombia were so diverse? Mullet-haired Victor Valentin is a lean, tatted, muscular twink with big, mushy dicksucking lips, while scruffy, goateed Ariel Bosi wants Victor's huge thick tool up his ass. Two built, hung barebackers with a sexxxy Latin flavor, what could be hotter? After they climb onto the bed and grind their jeans-clad crotches together, Ariel peels Victors pants and shorts down to get his hungry mouth fucked full of spicy South American pinga. Victor pivots around to bury his face in Ariel's smooth musky ass. Before you know it he's giving those thicc round buns a thwack and kneeling behind Ariel to drill his raw cock in to the hilt. Gripping the bedsheets, Ariel lets his own stiff prong dangle off the edge while Victors nuts slap against his smooth juicy crack.

The two horndogs lie spoon-style on the bed as Ariel hikes up one leg to open his hole wide for more booty ramming. Drilling balls deep, Victor doesn't hold back a bit. He gives Ariel the deep rough fuck he needs. But Ariel needs to slurp down that big juicy dick as well, and takes a break to fill his cock-thirsty throat. When he's ready for more deep plowing, he lies back with his legs up in the air and wide open. Victor gives that ass a few more slaps, spits on that hole and pumps his cock back in. It's getting too hot to hold back. Victor's already shooting his wad when he yanks his spurting cock out and creams Ariel's throbbing ass before he fucks it all back inside. That's just what Ariel needs to spray his own creamy splatter across the rippling muscles of his chest and abs. As he pants to catch his breath, Victor leans forward to grab one last deep kiss as their lean, sweat, sticky bodies press together in a moment of pure satisfaction.