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Urbano's Fuck-athon

Curly-headed Latino rawfucker Urbano must have more testosterone than blood running through his veins. He's like that famous battery-powered rabbit that "keeps going, and going, and GOING!" Fortunately he's got a horny bottom partner in Davos who "takes a licking and keeps on ticking!" This dream matchup gets together for a hookup, and get so into it that they keep on screwing for the better part of an hour. Urbano plows in deeper and harder, and Davos is there to wrap his stocking-footed legs tight around the insatiable top to pull him in further.

These two horndogs kiss and hump till they're both hard as rocks and Davos ass is twitching for a deep fuck. Urbano lifts Davos' ass in the air, licks and spits till it's open and dripping wet, then drills his thick uncut tool in to the fuzzy root. Davos yowls, grunts and moans his constant encouragement and satisfaction. Urbano takes his partner on a whirlwind tour around the world of male to male fucking, plowing him from above, behind, underneath and missionary style between Davos' wide-spread legs. About minute 45 of this marathon ass-reaming, he speeds up and signals it's time to blast his hot sticky wad. Squirt after squirt spews out onto Davos throbbing hole and drips down his cheeks and crack. Covered in young potent sperm, Davos pants to catch his breath, a happy bottom fucked to the brim with juicy uncut cock.

Comments (2)

PATRIC on 21 Feb 23
OMG this video was a blockbuster with those 2 horse hung latin boys Davo's and Urbano. As soon as both guys met in the room and getting undressed I was breathless to see how hot their male bodies are. Their smooth chest, perky nipples and their uncut banana dicks are so amazing hot. Hottest man to man encounter to watch how Urbano is fucking his friend Davo's very hard bareback in his hot ass with his huge banana dick. Love this video !
Jean Pierre on 04 Mar 23
Hottest scene ever with this hot all latino male cast. Urbano and Davos, are my favorite men. I was breathless when they getting undressed and I saw their smooth chest, sensitive and perky nipples and their huge uncut banana dicks which are so massive and huge. Watching that hot cocksucking on tatted Urbano's his huge uncut cock was really hot to see. I love to watch this hot bareback video where the fucking action is so hot where Urbano fucks bottom Davos very hard with his huge banana dick. Thanks editor Rawhole for bringing us this hot video ! Bring this hot male cast back soon.