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Tyler's Dark Room Hookup

In an almost pitch-black fuckroom with only Tyler Slater's hot torso and cock illuminated behind a rectangular glory hole, mocha-skinned Malakai is on his knees sucking and fondling Tyler's big hard tool. While he sucks he plays with his hairy hole. "D'ya wanna fuck me?" he offers and Tyler's there in a flash, his mouth on Malakai's cockstarved hole. When Malakai bends over and braces against the glory hole wall, Tyler spits on his cock and pounds it in bareback.

With no bed or distraction, this darkroom fuck is pure male sex. Raw cock plows into twitching asshole with the sound of flesh punding sweaty flesh, heavy breathing and "Aww, FUCK!" as the soundtrack. Tyler puts one hand on each buttcheek and slides his raw dick in deep. Malakai moans and reaches one hand back to stroke his own cock. "Fuck, that's the spot!" Malakai screams, close to shooting his load. He wraps both legs around Tyler's waist, tosses his head back and starts spraying hot sperm across his pubes. Back on all fours he takes the last hard reaming Tyler can muster before he's squirting a load into Malakai's juicy crack. Wiping up their spooge they towel off and pull up their jeans.