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Tito Tops Tiago

The scorching connection between Rawhole's latest models, edgy pierced top Tito Rey and beautiful Latino bottom Tiago Santana goes way past chemistry into the realm of nuclear fusion. From the first kiss to the final cum-splosion they make out and mate like they're the closest of fuckbuds, though this is truly their first meeting. Chalk it up to a perfect match, and we get to witness every combustible thrust and moan.

Tito's got that seXXXy street edge, with a huge cock, hardened muscle and big rings lining the holes through his earlobes, and a tough topman glint in his eyes. Lean, chiseled, perfectly built Tiago is not a bit scared off, but eager to take all the cock and tough manlove Tito can dish out.

Tiago breaks their deep kiss to slide down and worship Tito's thick uncut tool, Tito lending a helping hand to the scruff of Tiago's neck as he sucks. They strip down to the mammalian basics, naked and going at it like that's the only drive that matters. Tito crouches on all fours to take the first of many raw, deep fucks he's getting from Tito tonight. First position Tito drives in straight to Tiago's p-spot warming the horny bottom up to want more. Tiago lies back with one leg lifted high for Tito to spread him wide open and thrust in balls deep.

Tiago wants to taste that big honking dick again, and Tito spreads his legs to give us a glimpse of his hairy asshole as Tiago goes to work slurping. Temperature rises even hotter as Tito lies on his side and plows Tiago's hole from behind. Both guys smile and share the hottest loving glances--this cock and hole were made for each other. When Tito needs to let his load geyser out, he throws his head back and stares to the heavens. As they both hit their climax, Tiago howls "Que rico!" as a spray of hot cum drenches his ass. Tiago reaches behind to pull that spurting cock back inside. Feeling every throb, Tiago milks out just a couple stroke before his own sperm splatters his tight muscular abs. He laughs with satisfaction and licks his lips as Tito smothers him in more hot kisses.