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Three Latin Studs -- Behind the Scenes

You certainly remember the blistering hot threeway between Gustavo Ryder, Augusto Phellipe and Kaliu. Here's a chance to pop a woody over these three studly Brazilian barebackers all over again, as the camera pulls back to give us a glimpse behind the scenes. They pose for beauty pics together and get down to the fun.

Kneeling together on a big bed, Augusto's in the middle with a handful of both the other raw Latin studs. He strokes both big uncut tools while Gustavo and Kaliu make out with each other, then they take turns sucking face with Augusto. Dominic the director guides them sthough every step of the way. Kaliu pokes his upturned woody into Augusto's mouth and the young stud takes turns slurping down both their knobs. He's can't wait to take both their dicks. Kaliu warms up Augusto's hole with some smooth bareback thrusts, then lets Gustavo get what he's been lusting after. The two lusty tops get their rocks off taking turns in Augusto's ravenous hole. And the camera catches it all for us to see just what went into making this great group fuck scene.