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The Butcher Blasts Leo's Booty

Interesting how many of the tough tops in Latino fuck scenes want some way to keep their anonymity, either by wearing a hood, mask, or having the camera carefully keep their faces cropped out of the picture. Here it's hung built butt blaster The Butcher. The good part of this though, is seeing an entire half hour of sucking, raw fucking, and sex toy use with the focus on the bottom. Leo is a hairy, handsome, hungry cock worshipper who starts out gobbling down The Butcher's meaty knob, even fucking himself with a big white dildo while he slurps away. He takes that anonymous cock up his ravenous hole with moans of gusto and satisfaction. The Butcher slathers his dick with creamy white lube that leaks out of Leo's butthole as he's getting royally plowed. Leo's not bothered, enjoys every deep drilling thrust.

When The Butcher can't hold back a moment longer he shoots his wad deep into Leo's hot hole while Leo groans with delight. Then he disappears. Leo pays no mind, grabbing his cock and working his horny mood up to the boiling point. As the splatter of sperm drenches the mattress in front of him, he looks down at his cum puddle and smiles.