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Taz Dicks Davos

Lean, hung, goodlooking, cafe-au-lait skinned Taz is a hungry rawfucker top. And he's met his perfect partner in dick-starved Davos, a handsome raven-haired bottom that never met a big dick he didn't love, or couldn't handle with glee. When these two get together the combination is incendiary. For every deep bareback thrust Taz can dish out, Davos is there to moan lovingly and beg for more. They fool around a bit with the preliminaries, kissing and Taz peeling down Davos' undies to get a musky taste of that sweet ass, but both are eager to get to the in and out. Taz slides in like his cock was custom-molded to the curves and contours of Daovs' hot juicy love tunnel. He plows his bud royally, shellacking his crack with a load of sticky male juice and pushing it in to breed. Davos gets the cock and cum he's been waiting for, and both happy, horny campers leave fucked-out and well-satisfied.