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Tag Team on Italo's Ass

Three hard and horny Brazilian studs, 2 coffee-colored muscle tops Gustavo Ryder and Kadu Castro and lean pale bottom boy Italo Andrade waste no time getting the raw fuck party going. The top men flank little Italo, as he gag downs both their massive uncut tools. He samples each one and stuffs his throat with hot spicy Brazilian sausage while Kadu and Gustavo swap tongues just above. After Kadu slides a finger into Italo's cock-starved butt he shares rimming duty with Gustavo.

This scorching gay porn threesome ignites into a fiery spitroast when Kadu plows his bareback cock in from behind while Italo is slurping down Gustavo's big brown meat. The bed quakes and Italo can barely keep his balance to grab his dick and beat off. Gustavo takes over and pumps his cock into Italo's well-fucked ass while the young bottom takes Kadu's monumental meat into his mouth. The dark muscleboys pull him to the edge of the bed and tag team his horny ass, leaving him dripping cum from nuts to hole.

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rchdmv39 on 16 Dec 2019
Why is it that every time the bottoms cum we can see their entire body including their facial reactions. But when the tops cum the only camera angle that we get is a close up of their dick? Not everyone enjoys just seeing a dick close up every time the tops shoot their load. Some of us like to see their facial reactions as well. Stop assuming all of us are the same.