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Sweet Nothings from Suave Rico

Rico Maximo is handsome, hung, horny and suave, whispering sweet nothings in a seductive purr to partner Evan Rubio. He eggs cute mustachioed Evan on with barely audible sweet talk as Evan gamely swallows Rico's cock down to the smooth shaved root. Evan is so heated up by Rico's smooth talk and big honking stiffy that he groans with delight when Rico rims and opens his hole with a long nimble tongue. Soon it's more than a tongue sliding slick and bare into that ass.

Rico plows his uncut ass-splitter deep and hard into Evan's fuckhungry hole. For his part Evan is in a bottom's seventh heaven, eyes heavy-lidded and half-closed in ecstasy. He lies back with legs stretched high and wide, a perfect invitation for Rico to take that ass and make it his. Rico is a master fucker, speeding up his strokes to a quick pace, then slowing down for Evan to feel every inch. The hot and bothered bottom can't hold back and sprays his sperm across his lean tight abs. When Rico pulls out of Evan's cummy hole, he offers that throbbing butthole a musky wet parting gift when he streams a hot golden shot of piss to splash against the sensitive pucker. It's a scorching hot hookup you don't see every day...