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Spicy Canelo

Canelo in Spanish is the masculine word for cinnamon, and here Canelo is a spicy 20-year old Latino model with a preference for playing booty poke. He's solo for this session with the camera, jerking his big uncut meat, but with all the tugging and prodding his hairy butthole, it's easy to see he'd be up for some deep penetrating anal action. He's fun to watch, especially when he's satisfying his needs with two hands, one for tugging his foreskin and yanking his doodle, the other for opening his pucker and running a curious finger around and just inside.

Stiff as a steel rod and horny as all get out, Canelo tosses his head back and groans with pleasure as his cock and nuts can take no more, pulling up into firing position. When a big creamy load comes splattering out into his hand and across his muscular thighs, he's proud to play with every drop before settling down for a nice post-orgasm doze.