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Slater Slams Into Alessio

In the erotic battle between lean and brawny who's gonna cum out on top? When it's rangy Jimmie Slater grappling hairy Latino muscleman Alessio Romero? You can bet they're both satisfied when Slater sticks it to Romero. Alessio gets down on the kitchen floor to feed his hunger for a big thick slab of meat, with Jimmie's hand around his skull providing just a little push. Alessio doesn't gag when he's stuffed full to the tonsils. He stands to give Jimmie a little of his Latin-flavored pinga.

Next Romero leans over the kitchen sink while Slater burrows in to get his tongue into that hairy pucker. With his hand pumping away on his cock, it's easy to see how much Jimmie's loving that ass, wanting to cram his tool in. Once he's slid a lube-slick finger in to smooth the path, Jimmie drives in raw and hard, the soft curly fur on Romero's crack and muscular butt tickle against Jimmie's downy abs, He pulls those buns open to plow in faster as Alessio grabs his cock and strokes away. The kitchen island is a perfect fuck table when Alessio lies back and spreads his legs wide. Jimmie rubs his hand appreciatively through the furry hair on Romero's big hard chest. "Oh, FUCK!" growls Jimmie and Alessio moans in agreement. They're ready to blast. Jimmie pulls out and strokes while he pops his hand into Alessio's butt. With a guttural howl Alessio splatters the concrete kitchen floor when Jimmie pushes his dick back into Alessio's cum-glazed hole. Steaming-hot sperm runs down his ass and legs when Jimmie kisses him for a fuck well-done.