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Screwing Thalys

When curly headed Latin stud Urbano meets lean, sexy bottom Thalys, they're immediately rubbing groping and grabbing ass, ready to start the fun. Ahh, the high-testosterone years of 20-something barebackers! Both cocks are up and stiff as boards in minutes. Urbano wants to lick, suck and please every orifice he can. Licking Thalys' butt and sucking his cock is just the beginning. He plows into Thalys' throbbing ass like there's no tomorrow, pumping him from behind, up into his hungry hole from beneath as Thalys rides the thrusting pole, then down deep as he screws him from above. Not that Thalys minds getting pumped and filled by this horny twenty-year old. They both get the chance to pop their wads soon enough, and like all hot young studs, satisfied for a few minutes till the next hot hookup presents itself...

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PATRIC on 26 Feb 2023
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