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Ruben Rawdogs Kike

Ruben Dario is the very image of a sexy Latino top guy--thick black curly hair, hot muscular body, with an uncut cock that gets up and stays that way. And all this is fine with Kike (pronounced Ki-kay) Arias, who's a Latin archetype himself with shaved head and devilish black beard. And when then tear themselves away from kisses and get to the fun filthy stuff, things get even HOTTER.

Ruben starts working Kike's libido even during their brief kissing and makeout sesh when his hand dives into Kike's already raging hardon. Both studs get naked and Kike takes a heaping mouthful of Ruben's fucktool. Ruben lends a hand holding Kike down while he fucks his dick down the horny bottom's throat. Ruben sucks on Kike's hole, slides in a couple fingers then drills his hard-on deep into his bud's hairy ass. Moaning for more, Kike keeps his head down on the mattress and takes that deep hard screw like a man.

Lying on his side, Kike opens his legs wide for Ruben to give him all he's got. He turns to nibble on Ruben's thick sensuous lips and wraps his arm around his neck. A thick coat of precum makes the drilling smoother, and Ruben's at the boiling point. He pulls out to splatter his sperm then breeds it back in. Kike beats his stiff rod in perfect time with Ruben's rough thrusts and shoots his own hefty wad across his furry chest and abs. Drenched in two loads, he pulls Ruben down into one more deep kiss.