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Roman Takes Tito's Big Tool

Handsome stud Tito Rey is back, as lean and hard as a diamond, ready to unleash that red hot desire to give a bottom a deep rough fuck. Lucky for goodlooking Latino bottom Roman Rush he's hungry for just that kind of treatment. He walks in to find Tito standing there with his cock so stiff it's pointing up, and drops to his knees to get a taste and lube it up with his spit before the REAL bareback fucking action commences. Tito also loves to give a firm muscle ass a hearty slap while he's drilling in, and that just makes Roman hotter. Roman has a tight slick hole that is built to take a lickin', but for tonight Tito's not in a rimming mood, more into the dickin'. Roman stands up from slurping down that big bare cock and braces against the door frame with his thick round butt jutting out for Tito to take what he wants.

When Tito drives his hard cock in, Roman has to catch his breath, but only for a moment. Then he's backing up into every deep thrust. Moving to the bed he leans over with his hands on the mattress and revels in the raw ramming Tito gives his booty from behind. Tito pounds that hole hard and deep, then stretches across the bed for a little oral service. Roman's ready to give the horny top what he wants, knowing there's more hard drilling and a juicy load to cum soon after. With Tito drenched in spit and hard as a rock, Roman straddles him and grinds his hole all the way down onto Tito's smooth crotch. When Roman lies back with his ankles in the air, Tito plows in again, his hairy ass bobbing as it pumps in harder and faster. He finally pulls out, just in time to slather Roman's nuts with a thick layer of cream. Breeding back in, Roman feels the last shots of hot sticky sperm and sprays his own juicy splatter across his lean smooth abs. Tito picks him up and locks him into a tight kiss and embrace, payback for a horny bottom's duty well-performed.