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Roko Rocks Bosi's Booty

Ariel Bosi is a handsome, hot, horny and hungry bottom twink. And new model Roko Hung is the archetype of a sex-starved, street-tough twentysomething, "young, hung and full of cum". When these two Latino barebackers meet up, spark flies to the point we better have a fire extinguisher handy. When they grab each other and kiss to start things off, it's no polite smooch, but the kind of deep tongue exploration that's embarrassing out in a public place. There's no mistaking this is the beginning of a scorching sex hookup.

Ariel can't wait to get his mouth around Roko's thick uncut fucktool, especially knowing that that's just the appetizer before his ass is plowed full of it. Roko is just as hungry to lick and suck on Ariel's sweet smooth hole. They could spend more time getting their mouths full, and they will, but who can wait a minute more for dick and ass to ram together in an explosive fuck? Ariel moans blissfully as Roko eases the full length of his big hefty pole deep into his buddy's hot juicy butt.They take it slow and deep at first, but soon are banging at full speed. When Ariel needs a break from having his magic button prodded so fast and hard, he gives Roko another chance to fuck his throat to the tonsils. Roko takes another crack at slurping Ariel's crack and well-fucked open asshole. But back to fucking, it's too hot to cool down now. Roko needs to blast and he wants to shoot his sperm deep into Ariel's ravenous booty. He pulls out still spurting, and a rivulet of hot sweet cum leaks out of Bosi's butt to drench the sheets below. Quivering and still throbbing with orgasm, Ariel locks his arms around Roko, his new #1 fuckbud.


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