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Repent: Possessed

Father Pacifico is concerned with the obvious outbreak of overwhelming dark sexual feelings at the monastery, and writes in his journal that he feels it poisoning his own religious belief. He doesn't know how he can withstand his own sex drive. He retreats to the chapel and strips to show off his locked chastity cage, then takes the fateful step to unlock it.

Unleashing his powerful urges, he believes that driving into his own sexual core is the only way to master it, and prepares a series of sounding instruments. He deftly works his cock, arousing the deep sexual feelings in his nipples and lets his feelings run wild. Pacifico sniffs at his underarms, caresses the soft hair on his powerful chest and abs, then purges by pissing into a brass bowl meant for holy water.

Taking a slender sounding rod, he introduces it into the head of his rock hard dick, slides it slowly in as he keeps erect and aroused. His testes are heavy and engorged as he slides the rod in and out, a sacrificial figure standing naked at the holy altar. The next rod is nearly thick as a drinking straw, yet he slides it in with unhinged desire. Moaning with a flood of powerful new sensation, he works the foreskin back and forth the length of his massive cock.

Pacifico falls to his knees, overcome by erotic need. Has he driven out the dark force of desire? Tilting his head back, he opens his eyes to reveal them clouded over with shocking blackness. He grabs the piss-filled bowl, empties it on his taut, frenzied body and howls in sexual fervor. Sexual obsession has taken over, possessed this holy man completely and inescapably.

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rextrek on 25 Apr 20
Very Sexy ..HOT as FK in 2020! Mmmm WOOOF
rimsrvc on 22 Jan 19
This video is so damn hot! Damn you're such a turn-on Dominic.
danielulibarri on 25 Nov 18
so hot. nobody like dominic!!!
arthur69 on 16 Nov 18
Freaking awesome Dominic... what a turn-on... sounding, cumming, possessed eyes and baptized in your own urine!!!!!

Dominic Pacifico

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Sex god, stud, Renaissance man and superstar, smoldering Dominic Pacifico is the center of attention and undeniable star in any setting, especially in the website bearing his name. Built and packing a mighty 8" of powerful...