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Repent: Dominic and Casey Everett

When well-built young novice Casey confesses to father Dominic, penance starts with a hiked-up cassock and the hard crack of a paddle against his muscular ass. As it stings and reddens, pain turns to pleasure and need. Dominic rubs his hand across the young man's ass, and he falls to the floor to taste Dominic's rockhard dick.

The confessional scent of incense and polished wood gives way to sweat, saliva and male musk. The novice rubs his hand up Dominic' abs and chest in admiration and submission. Dominic pulls him up and his black cassock falls away as he stands bent over in front of the sex-driven priest. Dominic tastes the heat and musk of Casey's paddled ass as it throbs in front of him. Both naked in the holy candlelight, Dominic swats with his bare hands, sucking till Everett's hole is pulsing with need. Lying back in the ornate chair, Casey's rosary is soaked with piss as Dominic baptizes the boy with a hot golden spray. Then Dominic thrusts deep and straight into Casey's hole. They turn and fuck on all fours, only pulling out as Dominic splatters a creamy river of cum down Casey's pulsating ass.

Comments (2)

dtodt1951 on 13 Apr 19
I was reared Roman Catholic. In light of the sex abuse scandal in the RC, this scene is totally believable--as well as quite arousing for those of us who were sexually used by a layperson rather than a clergyman, The later would have affirmed my own disposition, Thank you.
mikethomas1013 on 27 Mar 19
Love the scene. Love the crop and the spanking. Thanks!

Casey Everett

Hair Color: Brown
Complexion: Lightly tanned
Build: Muscular jock
Body Hair: Smooth, trimmed pubes

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Dominic Pacifico

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