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Rawfucker Trio in Rio

Pytter Fox and Augusto Phellipe have several scenes and big honkin' hardons under their belts, and now they welcome in new rawfucker Victor Ferraz for a scorching trio. They start out standing next to the couch, kissing and nibbling their buddies' sensitive parts, then Augusto drops to his knees to swallow down Victor's and Pytter's stiff tools. Pytter takes his turn slobberin' on his buds' knobs. Augusto takes a big one for the team, backing into Victor's rockhard woody as he slurps on Rytter's dick. When he notices how big and fuck-ready Pytter is, he climbs on and rides him on the sofa.

Pytter stands next to the sofa where he can drill his dick into Augusto to the fuzzy root. Victor watches and strokes nearby, then gets his turn as things heat up even more. Pytter spits into Augusto's mouth and gives him a wet sloppy kiss as the fuck-driven studs race towards a big cum-splosion. Victor pumps his cum deep into Augusto's ass, then Pytter pulls out to glaze his butthole with a sticky load.