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Raw Ramming on the Couch

Lean, close-cropped Eric Japa and edgy tatted, pierced and mustached Lucas Mancinni make an immediate hot connection once their lips meet. Both are stiff as steel, especially when Lucas slips down to sniff and lick Eric's musky pits. Eric stands behind and grinds his cock into Lucas' crack, then guides him down to work on his beercan thick, uncut cock. Lucas slurps it all down to the fuzzy nuts and furry pubes. He crouches on the sofa as Eric dives in for a taste of his smooth shaved crack and asshole. Groaning, he looks back in admiration as the new Brazilian bareback stud runs his tongue across the sensitive pucker of his hungry butt.

Lucas needs more than that talented tongue, climbs up to straddle Eric and take that monster dick raw and deep. Eric drills straight up into horny Lucas, the hot muscle bottom's cock swinging like a metronome with each smack. Bracing against the armrest, Lucas reaches one hand down to stroke his cock with Eric's hard thrusts. He lies back with Eric tweaking his nip and fucking in balls deep. His hot brown pecker is stiff and ready to blow. Eric stands to beat off his edging cock into Lucas' face, and splatters a molten wad of creamy cum from his nose to tongue. Lucas sucks down the last drips as sperm drizzles down his chin.