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Raw Fuck On a Rainy Day

Vadim and Chris are getting busy on the bed since it's raining out and they've got nothing better to do. Good excuse for a coupla straight boys to step over to the gay side. Handsome bearded Chris definitely has some straight boy taste in jeans--his are pinched and pleated and very "busy." Suffice it to say he looks a helluva lot better once his lean hairy body is out of that 90s boyband look. Vadim has no qualms about sucking cock, taking to it like a duck to water, with a curious finger venturing into Chris' furry butt crack. Chris digs into Vadim's shorts to pull out his long rosy woody and gives it a tentative suck.

Once they've introduced each others' cocks to their hungry mouths it's time for the main event. Vadim is down on all fours, his sexy Teutonic tattoo covering half his muscular back. Chris holds his new bud by the hips and drills straight in to his perfect ass. As he plows in his hands move up to grab Vadim's shoulders. Vadim balances on knees and one hand as the other reaches up to stroke his cock in time with the bareback pumping. His hairy ass smacks each time Chris's big low nuts slap against the crack. Chris turns him over and kisses Vadim before he grabs him by the throat and pounds his butthole harder. Vadim lets his cumload fly while he's getting fucked, then Chris adds to the sticky puddle with a splatter of his batter.

(Thanks to IntenseCash for this COVID-19 era video content trade, originally seen on BrokeStraightBoys)