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Raw Dick Flips for Nick

(The current travel ban to Brazil has forced postponement of our Rawhole shoots there. Till it opens up we're presenting some of the best raw action the US has to offer.) Two tatted men's men tangle and get their gonads in gear in this raw bareback fuck. Swarthy, bearded hairy stud Nick Cross gets his cock royally serviced by horny cocksucker Jimmie Slater, and that's just the appetizer. Slater's no slouch in the muscle body department either, with his hairy chest and ripped abs. He peels down Nick's undies to get a better chance to lick his nuts and hot musky ass. Once his ass is open and spit-slick, Nick straddles Jimmie's waist and grinds onto his buddy's stiff curved prong. Jimmie turns him on his side and pounds in from behind.

Nick groans and lifts his leg up to get his hole open wide for Slater's hard dicking. Jimmie pumps Cross from above with a vengeance, drilling in balls deep. Turnabout's only fair, so Nick takes his turn plowing into Jimmie's tight smooth ass. Jimmie's not ready at first, but a gob of spit on Nick's cock has him lubed and loving every deep stroke. And there's one more flip in this fuck when Jimmie gets back in the driver's seat and slams into Nick again. Howling for cock, Nick gets his hairy crotch glazed with Jimmie's big load as two macho fuckers grab each other and lock lips in a manly kiss.