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Rapper Bangs Lucius

It's a "tale as old as time" when a twink beauty named Lucius gives up his perfect ass to a hairy, macho muscle stud beast named Rapper. Opposites attract and strike a scorching hot bonfire of male bareback sex. Lucius stands with his butt aimed squarely at Rapper's hard tool, grabs it eagerly and guides it toward his smooth hairless crack. Rapper takes the irresistible bait, grinds his stiffy between the pretty bottom boy's spread legs. When Lucius climbs onto the bed with his booty spread open, Rapper dives in for a musky taste. Lucius wants a taste too, of Rapper's rock-hard prick, so Rapper gives the boy what he wants, and more.

Playtime's over and it's time for some serious raw screwing. Lifting one of Lucius ankles high and wide, Rapper rams his bare cock in deep. Lucius bites his lip and stares deep into the sex-driven Latin top's soulful brown eyes, wrapping his legs around Rapper's furry butt. Pausing briefly to fire a gob of spit onto Lucius' twitching hole, Rapper drills in balls deep and chews on the pretty boy's nips. As the heat rises, a load boils up from Rapper's heavy nuts. He pulls out to fire off the first shot across his buddy's tight-muscled waist. Breeding his sperm back inside, he keeps fucking and nibbles on Lucius lush lips as the horned-up bottom squirts his juicy cumload.

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NILTON DA SILVA on 04 Mar 2023
OMG Hottest scene ever with this hot latino male cast. Hairy chested and facial beard Rapper and Lucius, are my favorite men. They are both so hot !!! I was breathless when they getting undressed and I saw their hairy chest, sensitive and perky nipples and their huge uncut banana dicks which are so massive and huge. Watching that hot cocksucking on hairy chest Rapper his huge uncut cock was really hot to see. I love to watch this hot bareback video where the fucking action is so hot where Rapper fucks bottom Lucius very hard with his huge banana dick. Thanks editor Rawhole for bringing us this hot video ! Bring this hot male cast back soon.