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Anal Autumn - Rafael's Furry Toy Hole

Ravenous Latino Rafael needs his hot furry hole plugged--BAD! He plops down a fleshy white dildo on the bench where he sits and climbs on for a hot ride. His anonymous top bud is there to give him a hand, literally. In between ramming that dildo in hard and deep, the buddy diddles Rafael with a greasy finger. He lubes up Rafael's hairy asscrack and then his whole fist. His hand slides in, four fingers and half the fist. Man, Rafael's hole is talented and hungry! When the semi-fisting speeds up, Rafael is getting too hot to hold back. He slides that dildo in and begins jacking, lets the splatter fly across his lean tight abs. Sure he'd love a dick up there, but he doesn't seem a bit disappointed getting his ass plowed full with a massive toy and a big hairy hand.