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Qué Vaquero Lindo

"¿Sabes el vaquero lindo que soy?" Do you even know what a hot cowboy I am? That seems to be the premise of this scorching hookup of two Latin raw fuckers, conveniently named Lindo and Vaquero. Who wouldn't want a sexy bronzed stud breaking him in, riding his ass bareback until he gets his rocks off? Vaquero starts off with a kiss, locking lips with horny bottom Lindo, who slides down to lick Vaquero from the tip of his uncut cock to his nuts and the hairy, musky hole behind. But don't get the wrong idea. Much as Vaquero loves the submissive attention from the goodlooking bottom twink, he's ready to take the reins and ride, and he's steering the action all the way to the splashy finish.

Once Vaquero slides his big tool into Lindo's twitching pucker, he's firmly in the saddle. Drilling in deep, he's quick to give a few sharp little spanks and slaps across the ass, just to show Lindo who's boss. From the hearty, guttural moans out of the happy bottom, there are no complaints coming from that direction. Lindo gets his butt ridden from on top, behind and even gets a chance to do some dick riding on his own. When Vquero feels that thick batch of musky cum welling up from his nuts, he has to pull out to glaze Lindo's crack with a sheen of thick, creamy sperm. Slipping his cock back in, he makes sure that his bottom is bred and fed, and unmistakably HIS property. And that's how Lindo likes it.