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Plowed By Petrus

Lindo's already earned our acclaim and admiration for his bottoming skills and big appetite for raw uncut Latin dick. Regular guy with a big hard tool, Petrus is the lucky, well-hung stud to pump his DNA into the cum thirsty hole of this grade-A cock worshipper. He wrestles Lindo down onto the mattress, thick pole already standing straight out and ready. One thrust and it's buried in to the root. Lindo moans and flexes his big booty, bouncing it back into every hard stroke. Petrus pulls out to the tip with every thrust, completely sliding out of the slick open ass from time to time before he rams back in. Grabbing Lindo by the shoulder and ankle keeps his woody aimed straight in to the target, and he speeds up.

Lindo steps off the bed, drops to his knees to get his face fucked hard by the horny top. Petrus uses both ears as handles to plow his twitching tool down Lindo's hungry throat. Lying back onto the bed face down and butt perched up, Lindo gets screwed from behind. Precum and lube drizzles down Lindo's crack as he takes a hard bareback fuck. When he turns over and lifts his legs, he's seeing stars. Petrus holds Lindo's ribs, plows in for the juicy sprint to the finish. Splattering molten manjuice onto Lindo's dick and nuts, he scoops a handful and smears it across the seXXXy bottom's handsome face. He gives his personal fuckhole a few slaps and a spanking just to show Lindo he's the boss.