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Piero's Furry Fuckhole

We've seen scruffy cub Angelo showing off his hungry skills as an insatiable bottom. But when he's paired up with handsome Piero, his inner top man takes over and he's raring to fuck his buddy's furry hole. Piero's a sculpted beauty with a fuzzy little beard and big beautiful cocksucking lips. His uncut cock is long and perfectly shaped, with a big pair of nuts dangling just below. Angelo rocks him back on the couch and spreads open his hairy cheeks to get his mouth on that twitching hole. Working his way up, he takes Piero's hard cock all the way down, gently lifts him up to his feet to lock him in a tender kiss.

Piero fucks his dick down Angelo's talented throat. He lies back with his butt perched up on the armrest for Angelo to ram in raw and rough. That's all the invitation our versatile stud needs to plow his piece in to the fuzzy root. Piero wants some of that topping action and bends Angelo over. His hairy ass bobs up fast and furious as he fills Angelo's cockstarved hole with slick bare Latin cock. Angelo hooks an elbow behind his head and lets beautiful Piero take over. Once his ass is tingling with satisfaction, the two studs flip one more time. Piero shoulder stands at the edge of the bed with his open furry ass inviting his buddy to plow in again. Kneeling at the edge of the bed Angelo rams his dick down into Piero's hot wet love tunnel. He takes an occasional break to suck on that perfect pucker, then literally picks Piero up to flip him head over heels onto the mattress. Piero squirms as he pounds his piece, getting close to exploding. Angelo too, pulling out to slather a sticky wad over Piero's hairy crack. Piero stops beating just as a massive splash squirts across his tight furry abs and they lock lips.

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latinofur on 21 Jan 2023
Delicious FUR